Red Rays marguerite daisy

Marguerite Daisy

With daisy-like flowers in a variety of shades, marguerite daisies are a great addition to the garden. These small shrub-like plants have long blooming periods and attract pollinators.


Summer melody marguerite daisies

Marguerite daisies are small shrub-like plants reaching around 2ft tall and 3ft wide.

They have thin, green foliage.

The flowers range in appearance and colour, including white, yellow, pink, and red.

Marguerite daisies are short-lived perennials, living for around 2 - 3 years in warmer climates. However, they are not hardy and will not survive outdoors through winters where frost is possible. As such, they are mostly grown as annuals.

They bloom for long periods, from late spring to autumn and can have many flowers in bloom at once, making them an ideal plant for flower beds. They're also attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Summer Melody Marguerite Daisy
Summer Melody
Red Rays Marguerite Daisy
Red Rays


White Marguerite Daisies in flowerbed

Marguerite Daisies will do best in full sun with well-draining soil.

They prefer a cooler climate, and you may get fewer blooms during prolonged spells of hot weather.

Planting them is straightforward. Dig a hole for the plants roughly double the size of their pot. Space the plants around 30cm apart. Put the plants in and backfill the hole. Firm the soil with your hand.

Water in well, ensuring the water can drain.

There is no need to fertilise them when planting.

Ongoing care

Red and white marguerite daisies in flower bed

Marguerite daisies are not high-maintenance plants making them quite easy to look after.

Marguerite daisies are not the most water-thirsty plants. Aim to water once the top inch of the soil begins to dry, paying extra attention during prolonged heat spells.

Beyond watering, the only maintenance these plants need is pruning. Deadheading the flowers, once they fade, will encourage more to grow, allowing you to see them bloom well into autumn.

There is no need to fertilise marguerite daisies throughout the growing season.

Pest and diseases

Marguerite daisies are relatively problem free.

They are unlikely to suffer considerable damage from pests that could affect flower yield or growth. However, regularly inspect your plants for any unwanted visitors.

As with pests, they're relatively problem free on the disease front when grown in favourable conditions. However, watch out for signs of the following:


Root Rot

This can be caused by overwatering or plants sitting in heavy waterlogged soil. Symptoms include wilting, and discolouration of foliage which can turn yellow and then brown.

Root rot can be fatal to the plant. However, if you detect root rot early enough, you should remove all affected areas and then replant the plant in a more suitable location. Such as sunny well draining parts of your garden.

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