A christmas wreath on a house door

Wreath Making

Dive into the art of wreath-making with me. In this blog post, I'll detail the steps I took to make my Christmas wreath. Follow along, and by the end of this post, you'll know everything you need to make your own festive wreath.

What is a wreath?

A close up of a festive wreath on a house door

A wreath is a decorative arrangement of flowers, leaves, or other materials formed into a circular shape, such as a large ring.

While there are numerous reasons one may wish to create a wreath, we'll focus on making our own decorative Christmas wreath in this blog post. However, the steps to create the wreath are the same when used for any occasion, although the chosen materials may differ.

Decorative Christmas wreaths are typically made using evergreen foliage with focal points, such as red berries, pine cones, and bows.

What will I need?

Tools on a table required to make a wreath

You only need a handful of inexpensive items to begin making your wreath, allowing most of us to give wreath-making a go.

Below are the essentials you'll need before you get started.

  1. A wreath ring or frame

    Most wreaths will be circular. Other shapes can be used, such as a star.

    Nowadays, most frames are constructed using metal wire. Traditionally, these were crafted from wood, such as willow or vine.

    You can make your frame yourself or purchase a pre-built one.

  2. Florist Wire

    Florist Wire is a pliable wire used for an array of florist jobs.

    Florist wire is usually green or brown. We will use this wire to secure the decorative material to the frame.

  3. Secateurs or cutters

    You'll typically want a good pair of secateurs to cut the plant material to the size and shape you desire and a sharp pair of snips or cutters to cut the wire.

How to make a wreath

First bunch of foliage attached to wreath ring

So, without further ado, let's get into the steps of how to make a wreath.

To keep things simple, we'll be using a pre-made wreath ring for our frame. These can be purchased online or from garden centres.

  1. Choose your foliage

    The first step is to decide on the plant materials you will use to make your wreath.

    It can be easy to get carried away choosing many different items to put on your wreath. However, keeping it simple, with 2 or 3 different species of plants is enough.

    I would suggest dense evergreen foliage, such as that of a conifer, to make up the majority of your wreath. Cypress or Pine are excellent choices.

    Next, decide on your focal points. As we're making a Christmas wreath, this typically consists of plant material containing red berries. Holly is almost the standard here, although other species of plants can be used, such as cotoneaster.

    Bunches of foliage to use for wreath making
    Foliage for wreath
  2. Attach your first bunch

    Start by securing your florist wire around your wreath frame (see image below). Wrap the wire a few times around the frame, ensuring it's secure.

    Next, bunch some of your chosen plant material together and place them onto the ring. Secure these to the frame by wrapping the wire around the thicker, woody material and the frame.

    Florist wire secured to wreath ring
    Secure wire to wreath ring
  3. Make your way around the frame

    Repeat this process overlapping each bunch, working your way around the frame.

    Direct each bunch outwards, away from the centre of the frame, or alternate between directing each bunch away from and towards the centre. When using the latter method, bear in mind not to make the centre hole too small when using a circle wreath frame.

    Add focal points in a few places throughout your wreath. As with most floristry designs, these typically look best in odd numbers, such as 3 or 5 different points on the wreath. These focal points can be holly, berries, pine cones, bells, winter jasmine or any other attractive item.

  4. Tie off

    Once you've made your way around the wreath, cut the wire with a few inches spare. Securely fasten this to the wreath by tightly wrapping it multiple times around the frame.

    You can then use a hook or more florist wire to secure your decorative wreath to your door.


I hope you've enjoyed this guide on how to make a wreath.

Now you know everything you need to make your own decorative wreath for any occasion.

So the next time Christmas comes around, why not make your own festive wreath to proudly display on your front door?

Be sure to check out this video of me making my Christmas wreath.